Thursday, June 16, 2011

Indian Sweets : Quick And Easy To Prepare Shrikhand Recipe

Shrikhand is a classic delicacy of Western India, to be had along with puris or as it is.  It is a dessert from Gujarat, prepared on the occasions and festivals like Diwali and Janmashtami.  It is also a very popular sweet dish in Maharastra and equally popular in all over western India.
Preparation Time: 10 minutes (Excluding the time to prepare hung yogurt)

Servings: 2

  • 2 cups of ready made yogurt or yogurt made from 1 liters of milk
  • 1 cup of granulated sugar
  • 2 spoon sour cream
  • Few strands of saffron soaked in about 1 tablespoon warm milk
  • About ¼ teaspoon crushed cardamom
  • 1 tablespoon sliced almonds
  • 1 tablespoon sliced pistachios
  • Take a clean muslin cloth and take the yogurt in it.
  • Tie a knot and hang it so that all the water drains out from the yogurt.
  • Leave it like this overnight (or for around 10 hours)
  • Yogurt will become thick in consistency and is called hung yogurt.
  • Put yogurt into a bowl, add sour cream, sugar and mix it well.
  • Add crushed cardamom for aroma.
  • Add the saffron milk for saffron color, yellowish orange.
  • Beat well till sugar dissolves.
  • Now add almonds and pistachios.
  • Chill for 2 hours before serving.


we bought readmade Shreekhand from a Famous sweet shop.,once the packet is opened for how many days we can keep in the Fridge & use .pl reply email .

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